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Self Love Reiki Affirmation candle

Self Love Reiki Affirmation candle

SKU: slc001

Having trouble with your self confidence. Struggling to let go of lost love? Still hurt froma past experience? Meditation with this self love affirmations candle will help to facilitate healing your heart charka and solar plexus openignyou up to the self love you deserve. 

  • Instructions

    Find a quiet place where you will not be distrubed. Cleanse the area with sage or palo santo. Burn an incense frankensece or lavendar to bring in a positive energy.  Sit the candle in a safe location across from you or where you can see the flame well. Also be sure nothign flamable is around the candle. Take 4 deep slow breaths and light the candle. As you continue to breath read the affirmation in your head 3 times. Then spreak it alound 7 times. 

    Spend 10 to 15 minutes per day with your candle. If you have a safe space you can leave it buring or you can put it out each day and come back. 

    If you have questions please email us at

    Happy healing 

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