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Spiritual Bath kit

Spiritual Bath kit

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Feeling disconnected? Weighed down by bad energy? Need to free up your mind space? This spirtual bath kit is infused with reiki energy for healing and to assit your intention for yourself. This baths salts and herbs blend includes spritually charged herbs, and a suprise charged healing crystal to assit in the clearing. Spritual baths have long been a spritual practice of cleasning the body, mind and spirit in many cultures and religions. This srpitual bath is design to assit you in calling your personal power back to you to release your self from the negative bonds and bring balance to your aura, and mind.


Relax go forwad be free.


Ingredients bath salts herb blend including, hyssop, lavendar, rose and more

essenstial oils

charged crystal

Suggestions on how to conduct a spritual bath.

email for those who have blood pressure issues, allergies, diabiets.


This kit includes a whtie 7 day candle of purification and cleansing. White sage with companion incense for cleansing, peace and calm. Hebal bath with espom salt and a special herbal blend of hyssop, rose, lavendar and more. Body oil and crystal infused spray. Also includes a spritiual bath suggestion guide. 


Release the things that are holding you back. Use this kit to help break old bonds and bring in new energy. Clean your aura an assiting in activating self healing. 

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